Edinburgh Waverley Station Refurbishment

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Appointed as Architects and lead consultant on this project, Strzala Architects were responsible for project delivery and contract administration on this total refurbishment of an existing Grade II Listed station building in a very busy live station environment.

The former first class dining room, situated in the south-west corner of the station was marked for resotoration. Whilst the exterior of the building was laregly unchanged, the interior had been subject to years of refurbishment works which had led to many of the original Victorian features being concealed.

An existing false ceiling was removed, revealing the original plaster mouldings which were subsequently repaired where services had been passed through. The existing lino flooring was removed to reveal the original Victorian mosaic floor which was cleaned and restored to its former condition. A new contemporary reception facility was installed in the space and the back of house areas upgraded to provide modern staff offices.

“The end result is a stunning combination of a modern reception facility in the restored Victorian space. Neither time nor money allowed for the full resoration of the dining room, but the remaining features were carefully conserved during the work, and can be exposed at a later date if the opportunity arises.” - Extract from Railway Heritage Trust 2015 Annual Report.

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