East Midlands Airport Extension

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East Midlands Airport

As part of a strategy to increase the capacity of the immigration hall, East Midlands Airport appointed Strzala Architects to provide concept designs for a 2,400m² three-storey extension to the airport terminal building, providing 800m² of additional queueing space to the immigration hall at ground floor level and 1,400m² of mixed-use office space at first and second floor level.

The combination of two simple open plan functions in one building - queuing space and offices - created a complex set of design requirements due to the 'air side' designation of spaces at ground floor and 'land side' designation at the upper levels. Security of the CPRZ line was one of the most critical driving factors behind the layout; as a result of this the office design had to move away from typical office layout typology to accommodate these needs, and we had to explore a series of innovative layouts to create a land side office which worked above an air side queue zone. 

Earlier this year we were appointed further to develop the design to tender stage, also producing drawings and statements to support the full planning application. The scheme successfully received planning permission recently with very few conditions.

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