Manchester Airport Terminal 2 Escape Lounge


Manchester Airport Terminal 2

In order to bring the Escape Lounge at Manchester Airport Terminal 2 up to the standard of the brand's new guidelines, a comprehensive refurbishment of the existing facilities was proposed by the airport who selected Strzala Architects to provide design lead from concept design through to handover and close out. The existing lounge was split into three separate spaces, two medium sized areas adjacent to each other and a smaller satellite lounge. Our proposal combined the two adjacent to spaces to create one large space capable of seating over 60 passengers in a variety of different settings including cafe-style dining, sociable lounge areas and quieter study areas. This was achieved through careful zoning of the space and strategically locating set pieces of bespoke fitted furniture. The smaller satellite lounge also received a complete makeover to make it compliant with the new branding guidelines.